String Cheese Incident
12-31-1998 (early)

General CD Info

CD(s)  : 1
Quality  : A
Flaws  : 
Source  : Unknown Mics > DAT > Custom S/PDIF cable > onboard S/PDIF connector on SB-Live Value > WAV > SHN > CD
Status  : Tradable
Show Notes  : Acoustic set.
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Vorbis  : Not yet
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Show Info

Band  Show Date  Venue  Location  Set(s)  Show Notes
String Cheese Incident  12-31-1998  Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center  Oakland, CA  Set One  

Set List

12-31-1998 - String Cheese Incident
Set OneSet TwoEncore #1
Sitting on Top of the World; Lester Had a Coconut; Good Times; The Hobo Song; Elvis' Wild Ride;Restless Wind; Come As You Are; Missing Me > Impressions > Born on the Wrong Planet; How Mountain Girls Can Love; Climb > Rhythm of the Road; Lonesome Fiddle Blues; Little Hands > TexasBig Sciota
Acoustic Set. Entire set with Darol Anger on Fiddle.Electric Set 

Some/all set lists taken from: FriendsOfCheese

Track List

NOTE: Songs in BOLD indicate that this is my favorite version of the song, while songs in ITALICS indicate that I believe that this is an exceptional version of the song.

CD #1
1.  Sittin' on Top of the World   3:19  
2.  Lester Had a Coconut   6:09  
3.  Good Times Around the Bend   3:54  
4.  The Hobo Song   7:29  
5.  Elvis' Wild Ride   7:38  
 Total:  28:32  

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