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Hello, welcome and well met! My name is joe and this is my home page. It is still under construction, so please bear with me. In addition to the information I hope to make available, I will be peppering the pages with bits of me, so that hopefully you can get to know me as well.

What's New?

28 Decenber 2006
My first major update in years -- introducing Ramblings of a Gay Man, an irregularly occuring blog about being gay in the 21st century. I've also (finally) retired my other gay-related pages, and my Perl pages. Sad to see them go, but they were so outdated. Enjoy!

31 August 2000
Another site debut: Emacs Stuff, the aptly named page about Emacs stuff. Check it out!

16 January 1999
Added Music CD Trading to the site.

12 December 1998
Added The Perl Book Buying Guide to the site.

24 August 1997
The Gay Media Resource List now has the capability to be multi-lingual!

20 July 1997
Added Who's Who & Who's Gay to the QueerRing web ring.

13 July 1997
See the grand reopening of my Who's Who & Who's Gay page! It's been totally redone, with lots of new names added. It'll only get better!

15 February 1997
I talked to Will and we decided to make the recipes page a shared page! His first web page! Boy, does he have a lot of HTML questions...

08 February 1997
Added My Favorite Recipes!

29 December 1996
Added PerlRing!

24-27 December 1996
All pages are now HTML 3.2 compliant (yeah)! Also, major overhaul on all pages regarding bad links, new links, updates, etc. Best wishes for a happy, healthy new year to all!

05 September 1996
Made some more changes to the Perl for Win32 page. It's still not done <sigh>. Made some global changes to correct for bad HTML -- it's better now, but not perfect. The only thing that doesn't validate is some CGI stuff; not much I can do about that.

08 August 1996
Fixed up the Perl for Win32 pages a bit. It's not done, but it's a lot better!

06 August 1996
I have joined the QueerRing web ring! I'm excited for several reasons: 1) I enjoy thoroughly helping people discover other gay people, and their contributions to this world; 2) I hope to get more hits for my pages <selfish grin>; and 3) it's a cool, geeky thing to do.

Also, I have temporarily killed off my Perl for Win32 pages, because I was unhappy with the content. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

25 July 1996
I have added the first pass at the Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Media Resources page. Check it out and let me know what you think! I've also added the buttons to navigate, and seperated out the Links Outta Here and Perl for Win32 pages.

10 July 1996
I have recently joined the ranks of Perl contributors, writing the Win32::FUtils module. I am also slowly (very slowly) updating my pages, finally doing what I hoped to do a year ago. Lasty, I have added a link to my baby brother's page.

Coming soon is a Hot Pepper's Who's Who.....

Llama Fresh Farms - Explained!

People keep asking me what's up with the "llama" stuff? An old, old BBS handle of mine was "Wonder Llama", as in "Ralph, the".

For those still (or further) confused, let me explain. Way back in 1975, some funny chaps in England decided to make a parody of all of the Arthurian legends. Sick and twisted chaps they were, and they came up with a movie called " Monty Python and the Holy Grail". The movie is hilariously funny, and it starts off, like most movies, with credits. The credits themselves set the tone of the movie (silly), and that's where the whole llama thing started from. (More Python Links)

You know, it is a little known fact that Ralph actually appeared in the movie as the duck in scene 5. <g>

My sister and I actually spent a summer watching that movie. Almost every night we'd get together with friends, get drunk, and watch it. Damn near had the whole movie memorized, word for word, with accents. Talk about the lost opportunities of youth! I've long since lost the ability to quote large sections of the movie, but Tauna hasn't!

Gay Media Resource List

I wanted to put together a list of regularly scheduled radio and television shows dealing with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and/or Queer themes. This list is not a "Martina's on Leno tomorrow night!" list, but an "every Sunday at 8:00" list. Check out the Gay Media Resource List.

Who's Who & Who's Gay

There have been many people throughout time who have had a great influence on our lives. You might be surprised to find out which of them are Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual. With the help of others, I have compiled a list of these people. So find out now, Who's Who & Who's Gay.

Perl for Win32

For a long time I was looking for an Perl/ODBC module, and I finally found one in Dave Roth's excellent Perl module. I volunteered to do the documentation for that module, and in the process became familiar with the source code. It wasn't hard at all! (well, maybe it was a little hard, Dave <g>).

Well, I had this need at work for a utime call, which was missing from the Win32 port, so using Dave's module as a template, I got started. Thus my first Perl module, Win32::FUtils was born. Find this and others on my Perl for Win32 page.

12 December 1998
Well, it sure has been a long time since I updated this page! The Win32::FUtils module hasn't been in use for some time (a couple of years?), as they finally added the missing functions into Perl proper. Now, the Perl for Win32 page has become one of the definitive resources for people programming Perl on Win32 systems (or so I am told). Check it out!

The Perl Book Buying Guide

People often ask me for recommendations for Perl books, and the answer often depends on where they are in their Perl journey and what they want to do. With so many new books coming out, the choices are bewildering. I try my best to cut through the chaff and offer you my recomendations. I hope you enjoy The Perl Book Buying Guide!

Perl Offerings

My own meager contributons to the Perl community, with a bent for Win32 scripts. If you're like me, and went from a Unix Nirvanna to a Win32 hell, you're sure to enjoy things like CDP, a cd/chdir shell replacement that provides $CDPATH and "cd -" and "cd /my documents/foo" capabilities. Find it and others like it on my Perl Offerings page.

Emacs Stuff

I've become an Emacs junkie. I've collected some things I wrote on my Emacs Stuff page.

Music CD Trading

I recently bought some import Dead CDs to add to my Dick's Picks collection. They were very expensive. So I did a little research and decided to start trading CDs rather than buy them. Wanna trade? Visit my trading page.

Will & Joe's Favorite Recipes

Will & I have decided to collect our recipes and post them out on the net for all the world to share. They will be trickling in one or two at a time, so check back often. Enjoy!

Links Outta Here!

What would any home page be without a set of links to other pages? I'll not disappoint anyone. Here's my collection, linking everything from Saruman's Diary, to Smither's Sexuality, to Happy Rhodes, to The TV Food Network. Find them all on Links Outta Here.


PerlRing was a RingLink-based web ring devoted to the Perl programming language. When I went looking for other Perl pages they were hard to find, because searching for the word Perl is too general (there definitly are a lot of Perl pages out there, though). So, PerlRing was born.

(Old) Affiliations

[ Queer Ring ] [ PerlRing ]

[ The Rainbow Awards ] [ freedom.co.uk ] [ Rainbow Query ]

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